Welcome back to What's Your Drama. Today we kick things off with 12 minutes of period talk. What? You don't want to hear about how Lainey's volcanic period has now resulted in the term “fat pussy blood”?  


Then it's on to your drama! First up, "Wanda" writes in about her friend "Vicky" who is all shades of Qanon. OK, I might be projecting here but her friend is an anti-masker, anti-vaxxer, and has quote "crazy theories". So, ummm, yeah.  

Then we move on to "Kelly" who is bummed out over her quarantine birthday. With everything going on in the world should Kelly be upset that her friends basically ghosted her? We dig in on if she's being precious or not.

Finally we end on "M" who has been in an almost two decade long relationship. She wants out but feels bad for thinking of pulling the plug on her man who has his own issues. Should she stick it out for his sake or is it time for her to find her own happiness?


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