We have a special guest on this week’s episode of What’s Your Drama - Kathleen! She's bringing her "youth" and wisdom to the podcast to help us answer your questions. Plus we fight about several things along the way including someone’s observation that her husband-to-be Michael B. Jordan looks like… Steve Harvey (?).  

Mustache. Teeth. Dimples.  Don’t @ me. 

Then we move onto your questions: 

First up, what to do with a friend who not only tries to one up you at every turn, but who is also causing you stress and anxiety. While ditching this friendship seems like the easy answer, our letter writer might need to take a little bit of ownership on this situation.

Next, how to make new girlfriends when you're surrounded by bros all the time. Kathleen has a good tip and lets us in on how she MADE me be her friend. 

Finally, is growing apart from your ride or die something to worry about? Can you still have your core group of friends but still be in a different place mentally and physically?  

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