Last week you heard about Lainey's riveting thermometer story and today, well, you get to hear about my Q-tips. You're welcome.

Okay, but it's all about your DRAMA and our first writer is stuck with what to do with her daughter who doesn't want to obey the rules of physical distancing. Why? Because she's 22 and in love. Lainey had to eventually take the lead on this because I was too angry.

Next, we try to help a guy named Steve who can't figure out what he's doing wrong in his work group chat. He's trying to crack all the jokes but people aren't biting. I LOVE this letter so if you have any advice for Steve after listening, fire away and we can pass them on.

Finally, what do you do when all you want to do is share information with your friend but they don’t care? In fact, she not only doesn't care but she makes fun of you. Lainey and I rip this one off like a bandaid.  

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