Vogue published an article yesterday asking “Are Kylie Jenner and Timothée Chalamet in love…for real?” I’m not imagining it. Lots of other people read it, and it was funny. 


But if you click on that link now, it’s gone. And it just takes you to Vogue’s “Timothée Chalamet” page, without that post from yesterday. It was there at noon ET today when I first started the What Else? list …and now it’s gone. Why? Interestingly enough, the writer (who I can’t name now because the f-cking article is gone) was talking a lot about Kris Jenner’s machinations and how that’s become a reason to doubt the authenticity of any Kardashian-Jenner story because, well, Kris is omnipotent. So did Kris call up Anna Wintour all like, WTF, why are you publishing pieces like this? In the context of all the things that have ever been written about Kris and the Kardashian-Jenners, the post was relatively harmless. I feel like, by now, Kris and Kylie wouldn’t give a sh-t about that kind of speculation. In fact, they probably get off on it. And besides, Kris is not f-cking with her Met Gala invitation and starting anything with Anna over something so inconsequential. Every day there are thousands if not millions of people on TikTok making videos of whatever fake sh-t they think Kris and the Kardashian-Jenners are up to right now. 


If it wasn’t Kris, then, who complained about the post….who did complain about the post and why isn’t it there anymore? 

Was it Timmy’s people who didn’t want that kind of gossip hot take content in Vogue? Was it Timmy and/or his people who didn’t appreciate that the writer was questioning the validity of this relationship and therefore Timmy’s motivations in participating in this kind of Kardashery? 

Again, everything that can possibly be said about Kris and the Kardashian-Jenner empire has already been said. They’re bulletproof at this point. So an article like this in Vogue doesn’t hurt them. An article like this, cheekily speculating that the Timmy and Kylie might not be legit and/or that Kris is puppeteering this situationship from behind the scenes does kinda reflect on Timmy, though. He’s the Internet’s Boyfriend, a Fashion Favourite, the Young King of Film. And people have been puzzled for months about this hookup. And now, to think that he’s become a soldier in the KJ Army with even Vogue weighing in on it, could it be that Timmy and his people didn’t think it was a good look and a made a few calls? 


Because, like I said, that article has been disappeared and, generally, in my experience, when an article like that goes missing, it’s because there was a publicist had something to say. 

Anyway, if you’re looking for an update on Timmy and Kylie, according to the paps, her car was seen leaving his place in LA just three days ago