One of the side conversations I mentioned my Taylor Swift post earlier is about Yael Cohen, Scooter Braun’s wife, and how she and Scooter were at Karlie Kloss’s second wedding last week. As you know, Taylor + Karlie = Kaylor: they used to be inseparable but that friendship has cooled. Some conspiracy theorists think it’s because they’re secret lovers and didn’t want it to be obvious so Karlie fake-married a Kushner to protect her real relationship with Taylor. Now that all this has gone down, Kaylor truthers think that Scooter, who manages Karlie, is the one who torpedoed their romance. What this has to do with artists’ rights, I have no idea. But here’s why Karlie quit Victoria’s Secret. Are we attributing this to Scooter and/or Taylor too? (Dlisted) 

Last week in Celebrity Social Media, I included Jeremy Renner’s preview of his new song “Heaven Don’t Have a Name”. I couldn’t get past 5 seconds. The full version has now been released. I already know that this is not a good use of my time so there’s no way I’m listening to it. But it does have an upside: Twitter reaction and commentary. I particular enjoy the one that points out that Renner doesn’t have friends who are honest with him. Does this include Lady Gaga? (Cele|bitchy) 

Celine Dion was the main event at the Miu Miu show the other day. But don’t sleep on the other highlights. Like Tessa Thompson in a long and full denim skirt. I did not know I needed to own a long and full denim skirt. To be clear, this is not a pencil skirt in denim. This is a wide skirt that falls, flows really, to the bottom of the calf. It’s a GREAT look. (Go Fug Yourself) 

I was already going to see Hobbs and Shaw. I did not need any more enticement. That movie is going to be pure summer fun and stupidity – I’m in. But now there are rumours that Keanu Reeves might have a cameo? There’s a connection with the director, David Leitch, and as we know, Keanu shows up for his friends. He’ll show up in anything for a friend. There have already been denials. But hope is a powerful thing. (Pajiba) 

I had access to these photos of Millie Bobby Brown hanging out with Zahara and Shiloh Jolie-Pitt. They’ve hung out before, and we also just linked to those shots last time instead of buying them. Because they’re not with their famous parents and I didn’t know if we should be covering them like we do their parents, given their ages. That said, MBB is a celebrity. And she’s promoting Season 3 of Stranger Things. We made the call not to publish… but is linking any better/worse? What are your feelings on this? Tell me what to do. (TMZ) 

I wrote earlier about Kawhi Leonard, the most important NBA free agent right now – and everyone is waiting on his decision. What Will Kawhi Do? has become one of the most watched programs on social media. Last week, I was worrying with people in Toronto that the people of Toronto had driven him away because we have no f-cking chill, following him into Home Depot and bothering him at Niagara Falls. But, clearly, this behaviour isn’t restricted to Toronto. He’s getting papped in Barbados on holiday. He’s been social media-sighted in San Diego. Spotting Kawhi has become like spotting Beyoncé. He is a proper celebrity. (The Ringer)