I know, right? Not a trio of names you expected to be thrown together. But I’m connecting them for a reason. All three of them are trending on social media right now – Jungkook and Emma Corrin together and Rachel McAdams on her own. Let’s start with JK because all things begin with BTS. 


Jungkook will release his debut album, Golden, on Friday and today his label dropped a teaser to the video for a new song called “Standing Next to You”. The looks are fire. His sleeve tattoo is fire. The choreo is fire…


But you will note, there seems to be a love interest in the video, and Emma Corrin is blowing up on socials because some ARMYs think they’re the person JK is video-flirting with. I’m not convinced it’s Emma, but here’s the shot of them from the preview… and you weigh in, is it Emma or not? 


I mean I would love for it to be Emma because they are gender non-conforming and it would be a radical move for a male artist from Korea to be designating them as his love interest in his video. But again, I don’t know that this really is them. 

Now to Rachel McAdams – Walmart just dropped their Mean Girls ad. Amanda Seyfried, Lindsay Lohan, and Lacey Chabert are all getting their money here, and good for them, but you know who doesn’t appear to be interested in that bag? 

Rachel McAdams! Regina George is NOT present and accounted. And as you can imagine, Twitter is lighting up over this. 


I could keep going, because I’m enjoying it so much. But the point is, if I’m Rachel’s agent I’m actually happy about this. Like, she may have missed out on a big cheque but the public reaction is in and of itself a return on UNinvestment. She’s become the story of an ad that she’s not even in. And it makes her look super exclusive. This is the bonus of saying no. Sometimes a no is that much more powerful.