Ben this weekend?

Lainey Posted by Lainey at October 6, 2017 15:40:44 October 6, 2017 15:40:44

Ben Affleck was photographed out in Santa Monica yesterday. Since Saturday Night Live is in production now for the new season, Lindsay Shookus has to be in New York for most of the week when there are new episodes. It’s definitely a new episode this Saturday, hosted by Gal Gadot. Who just happens to be Ben’s co-star in the upcoming Justice League movie.

I mean we’ve been wondering since Ben and Lindsay started dating how many cameos he’d make this season, right? Joanna said to me earlier this week that if Ben’s going to cameo at all, doing it during Gal’s episode could be the best option for the movie? Justice League opens in 5 weeks, on November 16. That’s not too far away. And still, I almost forgot. Like when they announced that Gal would be hosting, I was like, yeah, because Wonder Woman was such a big summer movie!

That is of course one of the reasons she’s hosting. But she’s also hosting because they now need to push Justice League. Beyond nerd borders though, does anyone care about Justice League? Hasn’t been on my radar at all. And with all the drama surrounding the franchise, what with all the speculation that Ben may or may not be back as Batman and the fact that the Batman and Superman movies just haven’t been very good, they should probably start getting out there and selling the sh-t out of it soon. And that involves all of them, not just Gal, who has the most positive press of them all, but Ben too. Who… well… you know. 

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