Buckingham Palace today confirmed that the Queen has invited Donald and Melania Trump to the UK for a State Visit. 

This, of course, is a formality. The Queen’s not sitting around at 93 years old hoping to have dinner with Donald Trump; it was an agreement through respective governments. Trump, with his ego, would want all the royal business rolled out for him the way it was for previous presidents. You know what made me laugh this morning? Here’s the royal announcement about the State Visit:

Nothing unusual there. Now check out how the Trump press office worded it:

President Donald J. Trump and First Lady Melania Trump accepted the invitation of Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth II to visit the United Kingdom from June 3 to 5, 2019. 

Did you catch that extra “Royal” in front of “Majesty” and “Queen”? It’s redundant. It’s hilariously and stupidly extra. Like telling someone they are “very gorgeous”. 

So, this State Visit. During the Obama State Visit, President Obama and Mrs Obama met the Queen, Prince Philip, and Prince Charles and Camilla were there too. Also Will and Kate – all the seniors. It has not yet been confirmed which seniors will be present for Trump but Charles and Camilla, unless they’re travelling, are probably a certainty (which is interesting in and of itself considering Charles’s position on climate change) and if we’re going by precedent, Will and Kate too. Meghan Markle, however, is American. An American member of the British royal family. So… you’d think… that would make sense to include her on the guest list…? Under normal circumstances, sure. I don’t think anyone would use “normal” to characterise the current circumstances and this administration. Royals, however, are not supposed to be political. If she and Harry are on the list, it’ll be out of respect for the Queen. If, that is, they’re on the list. I wonder if Trump is going to make demands about the list. It’s going to be really interesting to see if they make the list – and not because of the drama that’s happening within the British family. I don’t know if Harry and Meghan want to give up that photo op, especially since, well, photo ops with Trump can get pretty awkward. 

Also, what’s it going to be like at dinner with him? Discretion is not his strongest attribute. Whatever you tell him at dinner is going to end up getting shared – or distorted – one way or the other. He’ll probably live-tweet it. “I’m at dinner with the ROYALS and they love ME! Kate just told ME she’s PREGNANT!”