Dear Gossips,

Taylor Swift’s new song, Gorgeous, the third single from her upcoming album reputation, hit #1 on the iTunes sales chart the day it was released. This morning at 6am ET, it was sitting at #5. Ed Sheeran’s Perfect is the current #1, the fourth single off his album. Perfect debuted as a single on September 26. Gorgeous is the third single from Taylor’s upcoming reputation. Look What You Made Me Do made some noise because it was the first time we’d heard from Taylor for a while. But, you’ll recall, Cardi B took over #1 from Taylor pretty quickly and Ready For It hasn’t been making much noise (the video comes out tomorrow night, perhaps that’ll give it a boost). Most artists would be pretty happy with how Taylor’s three songs have been performing. But she is not most artists. She is one of the most successful artists. Her standard is a lot higher. And, so far at least, the tracks off reputation have not had the buzz of 1989. I wonder how that will change when she finally delivers the album. Whether or not she’s banking stronger material.

As for Gorgeous, everyone’s been wondering about the baby’s voice at the beginning of the song. Some think it’s Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’s child. Apparently she told fans at her secret listening sessions who the baby is. And she also told them who the song is actually about, in case there was still some doubt: Joe Alwyn.

Taylor, as you know, has continued to keep a very low profile even though she’s readying the release of her album. Some think she’ll avoid interviews completely. Her fans then are delivering the messages for her. Go out and spread my gospel. Be my interpreters. Let there be no doubt about my scripture. Make sure they know I’m in love. 

More on Taylor tomorrow, once we’ve all seen the video. And when I can get back up from this flu. I’m still a gross mess. So Kathleen and Maria are taking over most of the content today. I should be good to go tomorrow.

Yours in gossip,