Didn’t think it was possible but Willow Smith and I have something in common. The difference between her experience and my experience is that she learned about sex from it and I already knew about sex at the time. Another major difference? She didn’t see anything. But I HEARD everything – the panting, the moaning, the groaning. Also? It was happening in the bed RIGHT NEXT TO MINE. This has been my lifelong trauma. So I want to say to Willow – you got it easy, kid. YOU GOT IT EASY. (Dlisted) 

There are many celebrities who hate the Met Gala. Lena Dunham and Amy Schumer once claimed to hate the Met Gala. Guess who’ll be at the Met Gala tonight? That’s right, Lena Dunham. It’ll be her third Met Gala. So for all the bitching about the Met Gala, celebrities can’t help themselves – they can’t stay away from the Met Gala. You know what I love most about this? The detail about celebrities not being allowed to bring their publicists. That’s the power of Anna Wintour at this event: she invites them with conditions and they can’t get around it. (Jezebel)  
Taylor Swift’s tour begins in two days. And in her latest countdown video, she’s showing fans how many microphones she’ll be using during the show: 7. The longer this video went on, the more these mics started looking like …not mics. Maybe it’s because I just read an article on how vibrators and dildos now come in so many different colours. I’ve never really understood this – who is the person who gets a bright blue or green dildo? And does it enhance the experience? If this question applies to you, I really am curious, please do let me know. (Just Jared) 
Sebastian Stan was apparently really worried about Tom Hiddleton during his Summer of Swift. Um. Why? Tom seemed to be doing just fine. In fact, Tom was living his best life. It was everything – and every camera – he ever wanted. If you want to worry about Tom, worry about him now. Because he hasn’t been the same. (Cele|bitchy) 

The Met Gala hasn’t started yet and Solange may have already won. And this isn’t even about what she’s going to wear. It’s about the fact that almost everyone tries to keep it a big ass secret until the moment they arrive at the museum and Solange basically just gave it away on Twitter hours before the event started which is radical in and of itself, non? (Go Fug Yourself) 

I’ve been thinking about this a lot today – the nude museum, have you heard about it? It’s happening in France. You go through the museum totally naked. The goal is to open yourself up to what you’re experiencing. Could you do it? When everyone else around you is contemplating art fully nude, does it cease to become a thing? I’m trying to imagine myself there. But the same question keeps coming up: what if you need to sit down? Is this a personal shortcoming? Do I need to get over it? (The New York Times)