The big headline over at the Daily Mail at 6am this morning was about how Meghan Markle’s protection officers were warning people at Wimbledon last week not to take photos of her. Meghan was there with two friends to watch Serena’s match. According to a woman in the crowd, she was asked not to take pictures in Meghan’s direction and she’s pissed about it. Meghan is now being criticised for being a “childish control freak” since, well, it’s f-cking Wimbledon. There are thousands of people there. Thousands more, maybe millions, watching on TV. The TV cameras panned to her several times. You can’t be all like, don’t take my picture, when even the PLAYERS can’t stop people from taking pictures. When Serena’s out here nailing foreheads and smashing serves, and everybody has their phones up, and posting on Instagram, and she still manages to stay focused and advance in the tournament, Meghan Markle isn’t in any position to supervise who gets what shot. After all, the official photographers at the event weren’t ordered to not take photos of her. And they’ve distributed hundreds of them in the days since. Also… it’s not like Wimbledon is all that upset that one of the most famous women in the world showed up during the early rounds, attracting even more attention to the tournament. Nobody was bothered but Meghan. Even Beyoncé knows that when she shows up to a basketball game she can’t stop people from taking pictures of her. If Beyoncé can handle it, Meghan Markle can handle it. Sit DOWN Meghan Markle, God. 

Now Buckingham Palace is on damage control, with a source telling the Daily Mail that it’s “not uncommon for personal protection officers accompanying any members of the Royal Family to ask people not to take pictures so they can engage with people and events rather than camera phones”. 

Really? So you’re telling me that if you were at Wimbledon last week, and you put your phone away and, in person, approached Meghan and her security team, with your hands up to show that you had no phone, and you told them you just wanted to have a chat with the Duchess of Sussex, they would have been like, no problem, please, come right over here and take a seat and HRH would be happy to shoot the sh-t with you? Please. If you don’t want your picture taken by fans at Wimbledon, don’t go to Wimbledon. 

That said, Meghan’s preciousness at Wimbledon isn’t the only royal story right now. Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein was arrested yesterday in New Jersey – you may have heard about this? It’s been a big headline, one of the biggest, all week. He’s being accused of operating “a vast sex-trafficking network of underage girls” and he happens to have a “disturbing connection” to Prince Andrew. 

Where’s that on the Daily Mail’s homepage? It certainly wasn’t at the top this morning. At 6am ET and through the morning, the Meghan Markle story sat at the top and the Jeffrey Epstein story was lower down:


Here’s a publication known to turn a hangnail into an international scandal. Now there actually IS an international scandal, a wealthy gross man who’s alleged to commit gross acts and it implicates Prince Andrew, a member of their royal family. Buckingham Palace has vehemently denied the allegations, for years. But the Beckhams vehemently denied their imminent divorce and that didn’t stop the Daily Mail from pounding as hard as they could on that story.

You remember a couple of weeks ago when PEOPLE Magazine published that curious story about how Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie had a “more stable” childhood than Princes William and Harry? In that post, I talked about Andrew’s shady connections and that while so much of the British press has been about Will and Harry’s relationship, it’s Charles and Andrew’s that’s probably much more fractured. I also asked who benefits most from the sh-tty Meghan Markle headlines. Right now… who do you think?