Summer movie season is almost upon us—incredible. Yet more proof that time is fake, January and February were a collective eleven years, March has been four days, and tomorrow is summer, or so it seems. 


This summer movie season is going to be real f-cked up because of last year’s dual strike delays, but one thing we definitely for sure have to look forward to is Furiosa, the prequel to George Miller’s modern classic, Mad Max: Fury Road. The first trailer was promising, the second trailer is a solemn vow to kick every ass. Furiosa looks INCREDIBLE.


Maybe it’s because this time, we know what to expect. Imperator Furiosa, War Boys, the green place, we know what all this means this time. With Fury Road, so much of that movie was a mystery, a legacy sequel beleaguered by problems and on set drama—I highly recommend Blood, Sweat & Chrome, Kyle Buchanan’s book about the production—that we simply did not know what to expect from the film. But Furiosa is clearly benefitting from the base of cultural understanding we now have for George Miller’s revived vision of his post-apocalyptic hell world, and I cannot WAIT to go back there and see more insane stunts, more War Boys, more chrome and “witness me” and Furiosa on a mission of revenge.


That’s what this trailer establishes—it’s not Furiosa versus Immortan Joe (played now by Australian actor Lachy Hulme), it’s Furiosa versus Warlord Dementus, played with obvious glee by Chris Hemsworth. He’s lowkey a better actor than he gets credit for, and Hemsworth’s best mode isn’t action star, it’s comedy dork, and this looks like Hemsworth getting to do a villainous spin on his comedy dork persona. I am INTO it. 

I’m also into Anya Taylor-Joy thirsting for revenge, and though I remain sad Charlize Theron isn’t part of this in some way, I am excited for more of Furiosa’s story. Mad Max is no longer a one-name franchise, it now has two superstars, Max and Furiosa. Max has had so much screen time, I want four movies about Furiosa, at minimum. 


Maybe they can do a time-wimey one and put Charlize and ATJ in it together! Whatever, just keep pumping chrome into my veins forever, I cannot get enough of Furiosa literally running people over. Witness her!