Dear Gossips,

Many of us got what we wanted on Game of Thrones last night: a glimpse of Ghost. But what does Ghost get in return? Not much. Our very good boy isn’t even acknowledged! And then there’s the bigger problem: Ghost is bonded to a dumbass. Seriously. He deserves better than Jon and his dumbass decision-making. If Jon Snow dies, and Ghost survives, I hope he lives out his life at Sansa’s side. Sansa’s direwolf, Lady, after all, was sacrificed for her f-ckup, when she betrayed the North, when she betrayed her family, and therefore herself. It has been a long road home for Sansa – but she’s not only home, she won back her home for House Stark, she is as loyal to Winterfell as anyone else, and she may end up being Winterfell’s greatest defender. Who could be more worthy of Ghost?  

We’ll have more on Game of Thrones today and through the week as we anxiously wait for next Sunday and the imminent Battle of Winterfell but here’s another reason to love what we’re experiencing these six Sundays, the final six Sundays of Game of Thrones: 99% of the time it’s impossible to know what Beyoncé is doing at any given time. Beyoncé, however, is a big Game of Thrones fan. Back in 2015, Emilia Clarke revealed that Jay-Z bought one of the Khaleesi’s dragon eggs for Beyoncé. This rumour has never been confirmed by the Carters – because Beyoncé rarely speaks – but we do know that Beyoncé loves the Khaleesi because she namechecked her when she accepted the CFDA Fashion Icon Award in 2016 (her speech starts at the 3 min 50 second mark of the video below and the Khaleesi mention happens about a minute and a half later). 


So what’s Beyoncé doing every Sunday night these last couple of weeks and for the next four weeks? Maybe she’s doing what we’re doing and watching Game of Thrones

Unless, of course, HBO gave her access to the final episodes in advance. It’s not like they’d have to worry that she’d leak them. Beyoncé keeps her sh-t as tight as Marvel and Game of Thrones. Maybe even tighter. Maybe they even threw that in to sweeten their pitch for Homecoming – until they lost out to the Iron Bank of Netflix, at which point she would have been like… yeah, no thanks, I’ll take gold over GoT, I can watch GoT on Sundays with the rest of the people, and get the f-ck out of Winterfell, with Missandei and Grey Worm, when the war with the dead is over because the North is racist AF. 

Yours in gossip,