Woody Harrelson has a history of getting physical with photographers, but this time he did it in defense of one of his daughters. Some dude in a bar—at the Watergate, of all the random historical places—was taking photos of Harrelson and his daughter, and Harrelson punched him, allegedly in self-defense. Honestly, I completely forgot Woody Harrelson even has kids. (Dlisted)


Beanie Feldstein is starring in a revival of Funny Girl on Broadway, and there’s a teaser, which seems a little odd for a stage production which won’t be experienced cinematically, but whatever. You know what? Funny Girl is a musical I don’t hate. (PopSugar)

Olivia Rodrigo is on the cover of Teen Vogue this month. Sour has been in heavy rotation in my house since it was released back in May. I don’t know what that says about me, a near-forty-year-old listening to an eighteen-year-old’s record on repeat, but it definitely says something about the power of Olivia’s music, that she spans a generation like that. (Go Fug Yourself)

Matthew McConaughey won’t rule out running for governor of Texas, because apparently destroying your perfectly privileged life as a rich famous person by running for office is the fun new thing for celebs to do. Also, he thinks the Texas abortion ban is “juvenile in its implementation”. Only in its implementation, Matthew? Its IMPLEMENTATION? (Celebitchy)

Lainey has dubbed Gemma Chan “the first Eternal” because, so far, she’s been the main face of promotion and is expected to be a big feature in the film. But Kumail Nanjiani is also an Eternal, and he did the classic superhero body transformation for it. He told GQ all about it but turns it around to talk about how body image plays into toxic masculinity. (GQ)