Alicia Vikander was in Paris earlier this week for the Louis Vuitton presentation. On Tuesday Michael Fassbender was in London promoting The Snowman – I posted those photos here. By the end of that day he was seen with Alicia in Paris at the airport. They landed in LA yesterday, presumably, I’m assuming because he has to do some press for The Snowman there. Before they head off for their wedding? In Ibiza?

Some of you sent me your thoughts in response to the Ibiza wedding rumours. Some are wondering if the party will be in Ibiza but the actual ceremony might take place in Kerry, Ireland, where he’s from. Wedding bound after The Snowman then? Are you excited about this? About Alicia Vikander marrying Michael Fassbender?

On that note, I received a thoughtful message from a reader called Becca in response to my article about Alicia and Michael on Tuesday wondering about a previous article I wrote about Michael back in 2012 after Michael was seen making out with Leasi Andrews, the ex-girlfriend who filed charges against him two years before alleging that he had abused her. Those charges were eventually dropped, reportedly because Leasi did not want to damage Michael’s career. As Becca observed, over the last few years, more and more, we are interrogating celebrity privilege, specifically male celebrity privilege, and even more specifically white male celebrity, particularly in the aftermath of Nate Parker and Casey Affleck last year. Had the allegations against Michael Fassbender come up today, instead of in 2010 and 2012, would the coverage have been different?

Thanks to Becca for the question. Click here to read my original post on the situation. Because it is indeed worth remembering.