It has been four years since Yalitza Aparicio made her acting debut in Alfonso Cuaron’s Oscar-winning film, Roma. But despite being a Best Actress nominee in 2019, Aparicio has not appeared in a feature film or television series since. She hasn’t been completely idle, having appeared in a handful of shorts and a music video, and being named a UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador for Indigenous peoples, but Hollywood has not been banging down her door either. We worried about that, as we worried for Lupita Nyong’o after her Best Supporting Actress win in 2014. (Nyong’o has worked steadily since, but she’s only had a couple leading roles in the last decade, most notably in Us.) But the wait is finally over, as Aparicio stars in a new horror movie, Presencias, set to debut on the new Vix streaming service this year.


Vix is a new Spanish-language streaming service coming from the merged entity of TelevisaUnivision. It is interesting, is it not, that Aparicio, despite becoming an overnight star with Roma, wasn’t inundated with offers, but once TelevisaUnivision needed a big announcement for their new streaming platform, they bring her out for their big presentation? I hope this means that we’ve turned a corner and Aparicio will be working steadily from here on out—she is incredible in Roma, we can’t just be wasting all that talent—and not just that the people behind Vix wanted an Oscar nominee for their presentation. We all know why we worried about her post-Oscar opportunities, and it’s a bitter pill those worries weren’t in vain, but hopefully this is the beginning of a strong second chapter for Aparicio. 

Anyway, if you’ve missed Yalitza Aparicio these last few years, check out the short film, Daughters of Witches, in which she stars.