I know every year we complain about celebrities ignoring the theme in favour of looking “pretty” or designers sticking to their style instead of being inspired or challenged by the theme, but this year felt particularly… off. Maybe some teams didn’t make any serious plans until last minute, not knowing if the event would be cancelled again? 


Regardless, a theme like In America gives you a slew of possibilities. When I was wondering what kind of detail I’d see at the Met this year, I thought about the uniquely American genre of Hip-Hop and the fashion journey we’ve seen inside that world. I though about old Hollywood glamour, Barbie, consumerism, money! What about taking a classic American label like Calvin Klein and leaning into how iconic that CK band on your briefs rising above the waist of your jeans has become. Give me an art pop interpretation on that! 

Still, regardless of the misses, there were a few hits that I felt took the theme and gave me a little something something. 


Yara Shahidi looked absolutely gorgeous, channeling Black American icon, Josephine Baker. The Dior dress is beautiful, but we’ve got to give a shoutout to her hair and makeup team, that’s what really helped transform her into Ms. Baker.

Halle Bailey was in Rodarte, but giving me Tina Turner by Bob Mackie vibes and making me think back to flappers in the roaring 20s. It also made me think back to Celine Dion doing camp at the ball in 2019 but this is a younger take and making it Barbie dream house pink modernizes it. Lots of different American references came together harmoniously here.


Speaking of camp, Regina King reimagined the pinstriped suit in a Michael Kors dress and cape, which felt very over the top, big American business. Although pinstripe didn’t originate in the US, it took American fashion by storm in the 20s, 30s, and 40s and obviously remained ever since.

What’s more American than football? Ciara arrived in Seattle Seahawks green and for those of us who know nothing about “sportsing”, that’s the team her husband Russell Wilson plays for. Not only is she wearing his number, but she also borrowed his Super Bowl ring. 

And shoutout to Lili Reinhart. I know, insert Miranda Priestly line about florals, and it seems like Lili wears the same thing every year but her Christian Siriano dress features all 50 state flowers.