Taylor Swift was in Foxborough, MA yesterday for the Kansas City-New England Game. 


After dropping two straight games, KC came through with a win, perhaps a belated birthday gift for Taylor – and it did feel, for some Swifties, like the game was her birthday party, as fans showed up with signs wishing her happy birthday and there was birthday cake passed around in the suites. 


Taylor and her dad, Scott, were joined at the game by her longtime friends Ashley Avignone, Alana Haim, and Melanie Nyema. And she seemed pretty close with Brittany Mahomes…


So much for those rumours about a cooling off between Taylor and Brittany. Brittany is the one who posted a photo of a cookie with “Dads, Brads, and Chads” on it:


That, of course, refers to Taylor’s quote from her TIME Person of the Year feature in which she called out the dude-bros popping off about how she’s more popular than their precious game. She keeps showing up to the games. And fangirling hard. 


But also hanging out with Jerrod Carmichael. He’s been seen here and there in the squad. This goes back at least a couple of years – because he also knows Lena Dunham, was at Lena’s wedding. So he and Taylor have been hanging for a while. And for a while there he had a photo of himself with Taylor on his Grindr profile, haha. 

These football game appearances, then, aren’t just for the rom-com, they’re also an opportunity to squad-flex. 


Back to the rom-com though, there’s been some speculation about the ring she was wearing last week in New York during all her birthday celebrations. 


I need some help identifying this ring!!! What do yall think?? @Kayleigh absolutely clocked this first in my live and I want to credit her! #taylorswift #swifttok #swiftok #swiftie #swifties #erastour #taylornation #erastourtaylorswift #greenscreen #greenscreenvideo #nyc #happybirthTay @Taylor Swift @Taylor Nation

♬ original sound - Jojo in KC

Keleigh Teller liked that TikTok so that’s the theory right now – that the ring is a gift from Travis Kelce and it’s both of their birthstones but not necessarily anything more than a birthday gift, which I’m not mad at because an engagement? Seriously? Too fast! Don’t we want multiple seasons of this? Why are you all trying to rush this story?!

As for the ring itself? Sorry, but I think it’s ugly. The ugliest pop culture ring I’ve seen since the Twilight ring.