Do you watch You? I went through two or three episodes of season one and then I stopped because it made me uncomfortable. You was wildly popular when it first premiered – and according to my algorithm, it’s still popular since it keeps showing up on the Top 10 lists. Some people have referred to it as a hate-watch. Others are just straight up into the over-the-top drama. There have been think-pieces written about how f-cked up the show is, and not necessarily the story itself but the response to it as well. Buzzfeed just did a piece with a psychologist “diagnosing” Penn Badgley’s character “Joe” and how people still find him attractive despite the fact that he’s a murderer. I remember when people were all whipped up after season one, Penn went on social media to be like…umm… no, this is not a good dude. But that’s what shows and characters like this can expose – is that the story is romanticising these figures, or is it something that was conditioned in women to continue to be drawn to them? 


Anyway, here’s Penn yesterday at Jimmy Kimmel Live!. Netflix already confirmed that there will be a season four ahead of the season three premiere last week and Jimmy asked Penn about whether or not Cardi B will be added to the cast. Cardi and Penn exchanged social media admiration recently and then she pitched herself for the show and Penn told Jimmy that he couldn’t say whether or not that’s actually going to happen but that there is a petition out there. 

Not sure how that would fit into the series but if Cardi really did show up on You, I might have to check back into it. 

As for Penn…

Well this is a new look. Or maybe I just haven’t been paying attention. This is definitely a hairstyle. And it’s a whole mood with the red turtleneck and the wine-colour velvet suit. We’ve been seeing this for a while and it’s ongoing – after over a year of not being seen, they’re all out here peacocking, and not just the women.