Before we get to this photo of Zac Efron in the sauna, can we talk about how he was supposed to be an Oscar contender? No, I didn’t just pull this out of my ass – at the beginning of 2019, after Sundance and the premiere of Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile, the film in which Zac plays Ted Bundy, there were people who were trying to create Zac Efron Oscar buzz. I mean, this happens all the time, and it’s a strategy that can and has worked, so if it was a strategy from the marketing team, I get why they would go there. But Extremely Wicked barely tracked. Zac is NOT an Oscar contender. 

Zac’s had a pretty quiet 2019 since the release of the film on Netflix. He hasn’t made an official public appearance since May and the press tour. If we’re going by Instagram, and he hasn’t been super active there either, he spends a lot of time outside, road tripping, surfing, skating, and bro-sweating in the gym. There are a couple of voice work projects but so far, his next onscreen role has not been confirmed. Zac is now 32 years old. His professional contemporaries in the industry, people in a similar age range who may be considered the same roles, are to name just a few Michael B Jordan, Robert Pattinson, Kit Harington, Dave Franco, Miles Teller, Stefan James, Ansel Elgort. How does Zac distinguish himself in the field? He’s a good candidate for Sarah’s Career Prospectus series. I don’t know how much she’d enjoy it though. 

Back to sauna – I guess he had a personal one installed at home and here he is showing it off. Or, rather, showing off something else:


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You know why this was a conversation on social media right? It’s not because he’s still blonde. It’s not because he’s shirtless. It’s because of that drawstring coming of out of the waistband and the optical illusion. I’ll admit, at first I too was like…whoa, ZOOM NOW. Which is why, yes, I made a whole post just so I could talk about Zac Efron’s drawstring dick.