The last time we did a full article here on Zac Efron it was over a month ago, a post written by Kathleen titled When Did Zac Efron Go Full Douche? It ended up being a group effort, with several of us weighing in on Zac’s douche history and revisiting his shirtless diary and me coming to the conclusion that Zac Efron is Hollywood Putin.

Doucheness, then, is something that Zac has always had in common with his hero, Leonardo DiCaprio. We’ve seen Zac’s admiration of Leo through the years, notably at basketball games, but we haven’t seen that admiration become inspiration… until now.

It was announced yesterday that Zac will play rapist serial killer Ted Bundy in a new film, Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile. If you’re into the true crime thing, you know that Ted Bundy lured many of his victims with his good looks. He was attractive and charming so, initially, they didn’t think he could be dangerous. So Zac has that part down… I guess? Zac’s cheese has never been my flavour and Zac types, to me, have always seemed super rapey but I wonder if that’s part of the Ted Bundy effect. Also Robert Chambers, the “preppy killer”. And every asshole working in finance who thinks showing me his watch gives him the right to graze it against my tits.

So Zac is finally getting the opportunity to go dark, like his idol Leo. He’s seeing Leo’s Frank Abagnale and Calvin Candie and raising him a Ted Bundy. I’m curious though – once Zac Efron goes full Leo, does that mean he’ll actually go FULL Leo? No comedies. No improv. No personality. All serious. Only models. Because what’s interesting is that if, IFFFFF, Zac Efron can pull off Ted Bundy, it might actually mean he’s MORE versatile than his mentor.

Attached - Zac at the world premiere of Baywatch in Miami on the weekend.