Dear Gossips,  

It was a big day for the Wade family yesterday as Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union watched their daughter, Zaya, walk the runway for the first time at the Miu Miu show. Just a few weeks ago Zaya was legally recognised for who she is so I would imagine that this moment for her, strutting down the catwalk in an olive green set, was a beautiful – and super fashionable – way to affirm her identity and bring what she’s been through over the last few years full circle. 


But I do love how she underplayed it in the days leading up to her debut. 

Just a quick trip to Paris Fashion Week to premiere myself as a runway model, nbd. 


As Dwyane said last week when he and Gabrielle accepted the President’s Award at the NAACP Image Awards:

“Zaya, as your father, all I’ve wanted to do was get it right. I’ve sat back and watched how gracefully you’ve taken on the public scrutiny. Even though it’s not easy, I watched you walk out of that house every morning as yourself.  

She’s now walking on a major fashion house runway, as her parents beam with pride from the front row, as they continue to focus on one of the top priorities as a parent. Per Dwyane:

“As your father, my job isn’t to create a version of myself or direct your future. My role is to be a facilitator to your hopes, wishes, and dreams.” 

One of Zaya’s hopes, wishes, and dreams came true yesterday, the perfect lead-in to International Women’s Day. 


Yours in gossip,