That’s a hyperbolic title. I don’t think it’s an exaggeration. No other fashion show this weekend in Paris got the attention and the buzz that Zendaya generated for Tommy Hilfiger. And…ummmm… it’s Tommy Hilfiger. When’s the last time anyone’s been excited about Tommy Hilfiger? This is the work of Zendaya. 

Zendaya talked backstage about how it all came together, how she was skeptical at first when Tommy reached out to her. But, after consulting with Law Roach (who keeps giving us so much beauty), she told the label that she’d do it – her way. As a celebration of “the women who made it possible for me to be in the position where I am now. Honestly, I just wanted to say “thank you” to them through this show.” 

Which is why we saw Pat Cleveland on the runway, and Beverly Johnson, and Beverly Peele, and my beloved Veronica Webb (I’ve spent a significant part of my life studying photos of Veronica Webb on the Alaia runway). The clothes were 70s themed. The vibe was disco. Many different body types were represented. A variety of ages was represented. Hair and makeup by black beauty pioneers Pat McGrath and Kim Kimble. And Grace Jones closed the f-cking show! This year is only two months old. I promise you, by December, few things will compare to what you see here:


And…of course… the clothes – every outfit cute AF, cuter than Hilfiger deserves to be, until now. I think I might need all the denim. I definitely need all the boots. 

So, again, Zendaya shows us how fashion is the work. Because this started years ago, when her style – in collaboration with Law Roach – became a thing, got her noticed. She turned this into a professional advantage. She turned that professional advantage into more opportunity. She’s taken that opportunity to Paris, on the runway, to create more opportunity for others, to model what inclusion looks like – joyful, beautiful, POSSIBLE. All of that is Show Your Work. Now tell me again why clothes don’t matter.