Big celebrity presence this weekend for Paris Fashion Week. And it was a spectacular front row at Valentino with Naomi Campbell, Ashley Park, Zendaya, and Florence Pugh in the front row. Zendaya and Miss Flo, in particular, are social media favourites. We talk about Internet Boyfriends all the time but the internet also has its list of girlfriends, and Z and Flo are always at the top of that list. So when the two of them are together, well, this is the reaction: 


Of course it’s not just that they’re Zendaya and Florence, it’s also the looks they’re serving. I love Flo in this pink print minidress with the white cape. It’s crisp and classic. 

Florence Pugh attends the Valentino Womenswear Spring/Summer 2023 show as part of Paris Fashion Week on October 02, 2022 in Paris, France.

But Zendaya… Zendaya forever. 

The still photos are spectacular, but the videos are next level:


It is stupid what she can do with an outfit. Stupid. And it’s already an amazing outfit – the Valentino print bodysuit that looks like spider web, the shorts, the jacket embellished in matching print… but when it’s how she wears it, wears the sh-t out of it, performing the sh-t out of it. Because that’s part of the job. That’s why Valentino signed her. Because she and Law Roach will always deliver on the designer’s vision. 

And hype up the crowd. Look at the reaction to her arrival: 


To go back to Miss Flo, though…

I mean, I guess she’s not shooting right now? That was the explanation for her absence from almost all promotion for Don’t Worry Darling. But, you know, she’ll be in Paris for the fashion show. Spending more time in Paris than she did in Venice for the film’s world premiere, LOL.