A sighting of the Twitter’s favourite couple – here are Zendaya and Tom Holland who went out for lunch yesterday in New York with her brother. And now everyone’s relating it to her mishap in the kitchen last week when she posted photos of herself getting stitches:


So now we know that there’s one thing Zendaya can’t do: cook. Or, more specifically, chop. Relatable. I can’t chop either. I should say I can’t chop quickly… which, in my opinion, is what a lot of cooking demos encourage. You know that speed chop technique where you lift the knife from the handle up and slide the onion or the pepper or whatever you’re chopping quickly through sometimes without lifting the tip of the blade completely off the cutting board? This is dangerous!

Have you heard of Six Pack Chef? We had him on The Social a few weeks ago – he’s super nice, and the food is amazing (check out his website here) but the chopping is demented. Here…watch:


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That is not how I chop. I chop slowwwwwwly. And that’s what I’m constantly angry at recipe books that estimate prep time because it’s never as quick as they say it is. My prep time is consistently double the prep time in the recipes, partly because I’m a turtle chopper. If Zendaya ever goes back into the kitchen, I would encourage her to become a turtle chopper too. 

Anyway, in other Zendaya news – she was nominated for another Lead Drama Actress Emmy last week for her work in Euphoria and it’s a competitive field. The way I see it right now it’s a three-way race between Z, Melanie Lynskey (Yellowjackets), and Laura Linney (Ozark). Will be interesting to see how the race changes over the next month and what their respective campaigns look like. 

Also scheduling, because production is now underway on the Dune sequel and Denis Villeneuve has already said that Zendaya will have a bigger role in the second movie, with her appearance in the first serving as a “promise” of more Z to come. She’ll apparently be much more “prominent” in part two as she and Timothée Chalamet continue their adventures. I mean, yeah, if they didn’t know before, they certainly learned during Dune’s run last fall that everybody wants more Zendaya, especially during promotion.