It was just 15 years ago that Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man was released. It was just 5 years ago that Andrew Garfield made his debut as Peter Parker. Spider-Man: Homecoming, now with Tom Holland, opens on July 7th. The press tour for Spider-Man’s third tour is underway, with Tom and Zendaya in Spain today to promote the movie. Many people have talked about Spider-Man fatigue. Not a lot of time has passed and already we’re on v3.0. That said, let me see if I can give Sony a free bone. Because I’m excited about this Spider-Man, for a few reasons.

First, Zendaya, of course. And it was revealed a few days ago that… wait… this is a spoiler, so maybe skip to the next paragraph if you don’t want to know. Ready? Zendaya plays a character called Michelle. But people keep thinking that she might be Mary Jane. Well, now we know her last name. It’s Toomes. And it just so happens that Michael Keaton, who is the villain, his character’s last name is also Toomes. That means that even though Zendaya’s not playing a love interest, she still has a critical storyline. Nobody is complaining here, right?

Next, Donald Glover is in this movie. Nobody really knows exactly what he’ll be in this movie. But Donald Glover is in this movie. I feel like Donald Glover wouldn’t say yes to being in this movie unless this movie was worth his time.

And, also, Tony Stark. Tony Stark is Peter Parker’s father figure. I will never be mad when Tony Stark is around. Even better if it’s Tony AND Pepper Potts. And Peter has a really cute best friend, played by Jacob Batalon.

One more thing, to go back to Zendaya, her wardrobe on this press tour – we’ll get to see a lot of style porn. Which is why I’m OK with the way she’s easing into it here. This is not the most exciting dress ever. Or my favourite colour. But we’re only just beginning. And the hair is giving me good vibes.