Have you been on a flight recently? I’ve travelled on average twice a month this year, and over the last three months in particular, it’s been a mess, no matter the airline. When I went to New York in April the flight out was delayed two and a half hours. 


This weekend to New York the delay was an hour and a half because they’re so short staffed. On the way home on Sunday it was madness at the gate because the flights back to Toronto were overbooked and then there was a flight to Toronto that was cancelled, pretty much last minute. That same day my husband was flying back to Toronto from Vancouver. His flight was almost three hours delayed. Last week, a friend of mine came from Vancouver to Toronto to visit and her flight was so delayed that by the time they got to Toronto there was no gate for the plane to pull up to and then it was a traffic jam at baggage claim because the crew was overwhelmed and she had to wait another hour and a half for her bag to come out – and if you’re about to say that she should have done carry-on, well, she tried but she was forced to check her bag at the gate because there was no more room in the cabin. 

I’m not here trying to be a whiny ass bitch about flight f-ckery, all I’m saying is that it’s going to be a sh-tshow all summer so heads up if you have travel planned because this is happening to everyone… including celebrities. Sounds like it happened to Zendaya. 


Z was in Rome yesterday at the Bulgari Hotel Roma opening and we’ll get to her outfit in a minute but first, she shared on Instagram that this wasn’t actually what she had planned to wear, it’s just that her original outfit got “lost in transit”. 

Zendaya's Instagram story

Lost in transit?! And you know it wasn’t a little black dress from Zara. Whatever was lost in transit would have been pretty f-cking expensive. So like I just said, it’s not just civilians who are feeling the impact of the travel chaos. 

The difference, of course, is that civilians can’t just conjure up a Valentino on standby when their luggage doesn’t arrive, LOL. And also that civilians don’t have access to Law Roach, who Zendaya tagged in that IG story, with the wardrobe assist. 

But seriously, as IF this was the backup, the scramble backup. Look at her! If you’re not appreciating this suit, it’s because you haven’t seen it in motion: 


It’s exquisite…but again, it was the runner-up. Or not even the runner-up, it was the emergency backup generator. And Valentino. Which is notable because Zendaya is Louis Vuitton now, but was it another fashion house that came in with the save.