Multiple outlets reported yesterday that Zoe Kravitz has been cast as Catwoman in the upcoming The Batman aka Millennial Batman aka RBattz (per Sarah) starring Robert Pattinson. Director Matt Reeves has since confirmed:


F-ck yeah.

This makes sense to EVERYONE, right? 

Of course it’s Zoe Kravitz. Now that we know it’s Zoe Kravitz, it’s hard to picture anyone else – for right now, and this moment, and this movie. She’s already the best part of this movie. Because Selina Kyle, aside from the obvious attributes is an enigma, unknowable. She keeps you guessing. You can’t hold on to her – she can slip away, physically and emotionally, so lightly that you don’t know she’s gone until a piece of you is missing. Also your wallet. Zoe can do all of that. And she will look GREAT doing all of that. 

I wonder how Robert Pattinson will respond to it in character. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Zoe tested with Robert last week. Needless to say, the chemistry here will be key. Presumably they found it together. So I’m looking forward to seeing Robert match Zoe’s allure. Bruce Wayne is allll charisma and swagger. That’s what makes the Batman and Catwoman connection so powerful. Since Twilight, Robert has been leaning into the weird and eccentric. He has avoided major roles that require him to be That Guy. The guy who strolls into the room with all the energy and not the guy who’s content to give over his energy and stay in the corner, which is where he’s been huddling, metaphorically, in his roles for the last few years. Bruce Wayne requires Big Dick Energy. Robert will have to bring that to this movie, opposite Zoe. I’m excited to see it.