Do I legitimately love this Saint Laurent look on Zoe Kravitz? Yes. The top and bottom different sized dots is so cute. And she is exquisite in her red lip and short hair and cheekbones and face, her FACE, it’s ridiculous. But also, did I want to take the opportunity to talk about the New Year’s Eve gift she gave me? Of course. 

I mean, it wasn’t for me, obviously, I know this. But I feel like I’ve been the one asking to see her wedding dress at least once a week ever since she and Karl Glusman got married in June. Which is why so many of you emailed and tweeted at me last week when it happened – I’m delighted to be associated in your minds with Zoe’s wedding dress. Or, rather, because of my none-of-your-f*cking-business-you-nosy-bitch obsession with her wedding dress. I’m the sad troll who’s been so desperate to know what it looked like. And OMG it was so worth the wait. 


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As many have noted, it’s so very Audrey Hepburn …because that was Zoe’s inspiration, it’s what she told Alexander Wang she wanted. Not exactly the same, but in the spirit – drop waist, ballerina, and flats. FLATS. It’s perfect. It’s SO perfectly UNregrettable. And maybe that’s just my sh-t because I don’t love my wedding dress anymore, because I chose something of the time and not timeless. Zoe’s wedding dress will never go out of style. It’s currently a modern classic. Later it’ll be remodernised by someone else which will make hers a classic…and that’s where it will stay. 

So we swing back around to her dress last night at the Golden Globes and the polka dots. I’m not saying it’s anything at all like her wedding dress but there’s a little Audrey in this too, non? The polka dots evoke a certain era, the Audrey era, perhaps a style era for Zoe too, especially with the shorter hair. I love her hair like this so much. And… I wonder… is this for Catwoman? Production has just begun in London. 

Golden Globe weekend then, perhaps, was the last party for a while as she begins work on the film. She was there with Lisa Bonet and Jason Momoa. Can you imagine hanging out with these three? Looking at those faces and trying to concentrate? Did you see that cutaway of Jason during the broadcast with his jacket off, wearing just his tank top?

Duana wanted me to show you this shot of Keegan-Michael Key in lust at the Instyle/Warner Bros event. 


Sasha Baron Cohen seems pretty into him too. 


What is happening on this double date?!