I want to shout my excitement over seeing Zoe Kravitz and Karl Glusman, JUST MARRIED, at the Saint Laurent show last night in Paris. Paris, where they were married. In July, same day as Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas. At Lenny Kravitz’s mansion. 

All we saw of Zoe and Karl that weekend was photos of them arriving at the rehearsal dinner. There was a heat wave happening at the time. Zoe wore white biker shorts because she is THE SH-T. I remember everything that there is to remember about that wedding like it was my own. But, really, for us, there’s not that much to remember. Because unlike so many millennial celebrity brides… she hasn’t shown us anything! It’s none of my goddamn business but I’m dyyyyyinnngggg to see the dress. 

Zoe is an ambassador for Saint Laurent. Chances are it was a Saint Laurent wedding dress? But we don’t know. Nobody knows. The only thing they’ve shared is the matching leather jackets they wore at the reception designed by their friend, Samantha Urbani. In this Instagram post you can see that Zoe’s wearing a couple of different options underneath the jacket, including what looks like a cropped white two piece situation…but that might have been just for the party? 


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And then there’s a champagne coloured sheer dress but…again… nothing definitive. It’s not unusual for brides to change several times at the reception. Chinese brides can change up to four or five times, sometimes more. I changed three times at mine. 

Still none of my f-cking business, I know. But this is at the top of my celebrity wedding photo list, the one shot I want to see the most.