Dear Gossips,

It was a holiday weekend here in Canada for Canada Day. It was, clearly, not a quiet weekend on the timeline. And I’m not just talking about Taylor Swift. NBA free agency news has also dominated online and the most enigmatic free agent of them all has yet to make a decision. That would be Kawhi Leonard, (at post time) still a Toronto Raptor… but for how long? When Kawhi makes his announcement (or mumbles it), it will break the internet.   

Here’s the other mystery I need an answer to: Zoe Kravitz’s wedding dress.

Did you see her rehearsal dinner outfit? I’m sure you have but just in case you missed it, please look at this amazingness:


I mean… of course. OF COURSE Zoe Kravitz had to be that steezy – she wore the bridal designer of the moment, Danielle Frankel. If this level of f-cking style LIFE was for the rehearsal dinner, can you imagine what she chose for the actual wedding, which took place at her dad’s estate in Paris?! The answer is “no”, I can’t imagine. Which is why I need to see it. CAN WE PLEASE SEE IT?!

Neither Zoe nor Karl Glusman have posted anything about their wedding on social media. Lenny Kravitz, however, shared this: 


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I’M OBSESSED. I need more! 

Where Kawhi will sign or a shot of Zoe’s dress – what will come first? Some are saying, by the way, that we might not know about Kawhi for days. And it could be months, or longer, or never, before Zoe shows us her dress. There were no Diplos at her wedding. I like this sweet torture though. I like it when they withhold. Withholding is becoming a rare celebrity skill.

Yours in gossip,