Superman’s nostril flare

Lainey Posted by Lainey at December 16, 2015 22:40:32 December 16, 2015 22:40:32

New character posters for Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman were released today to promote Batman vs Superman, opening in March, right after awards season. Which means we should be seeing the cast as presenters at the award shows.

Ben Affleck isn’t really Ben Affleck here because, um, Batman is basically a tank? I feel like this was more for the nerds. Like to analyse the mechanics of the suit or something.

To me, the Wonder Woman one is the best of the lot. She looks powerful and determined and I love the furrow between her eyes. Also the matching gold nail polish. This perspective has been brought you to by a shallow asshole.

The worst of the three – definitely Superman. Superman has evidently been contoured by Kanye West’s wife’s family’s makeup artist. And the way he’s flaring his nostrils is making me really uncomfortable. Is this a seduction or a war? Some would say that’s the same thing. Oh! That was a cheesy ass line, wasn’t it? Yeah, well so is this poster.

Here’s Henry Cavill today in London. Between him and Ben Affleck, who needs Batman vs Superman to be a big hit more? 


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