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Lainey Posted by Lainey at December 14, 2016 17:30:28 December 14, 2016 17:30:28

Ben Affleck was in New York last night for the premiere of Live By Night. Then he had to be up early this morning for The Today Show and an interview with Matt Lauer. I don’t think Ben’s able to handle those late nights as well as he used to. He looks fried in the eyes.

It’s not that compelling of a discussion. But what’s most interesting is when Matt asks Ben about his brother Casey, the alleged sexual harasser, and how Casey is pretty much the lock to win the Oscar for Best Actor. If you’ve been reading this blog recently, you know this is something I’ve been fixated on - how Ben feels about Casey’s acting glory, considering that Ben has never been nominated for an acting Oscar, and, well, it’s not exactly what he’s known for. Not all siblings are rivals, obviously, but sibling rivalry is a definitely good gossip. And while they both front like there’s none here, note what Ben says when Casey comes up in conversation, starting at 3:05:



“I cast him in a movie years ago, I’ve always known what a great actor he is.”

It’s probably nothing. I’m just being a sh-t. But, to me at least, I find it so interesting that this is what he chose to say – nothing about Casey’s outstanding performance in Manchester By The Sea, nothing about what a great artist he is. Just… “I cast him in a movie”. Brother Sh-t is the best sh-t.  

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