Justified 5.10: “I’m a Crowe”

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Justified Season 5, Episode 10 recap

It’s another super-sized episode! We’re getting so spoiled. This season might not have a villainous mastermind to take down, like Mags Bennett, or a central mystery to be solved, like the Drew Thompson case, but finally getting into the morass dredged up by all the terrible life choices everyone has been making throughout Justified is, I think, making for a rich and delightful season. Plus we get the weekly joy of watching the Crowes repeatedly f*ck everything up, for themselves and everyone else. This week, especially, the Crowes are doing everything they can to completely ruin each other.

There’s only one non-Crowe storyline this week and that’s Ava’s ongoing prison drama. She follows through on two big decisions: 1) To leave Boyd and 2) kill Judith. Boyd is short-tempered with Ava when he visits her in prison, and it’s clear that the longer his Heroin Saga drags on, the lower down the list of priorities Ava’s troubles get. So, from Ava’s perspective, it’s really not surprising that she cuts baits and fully commits herself to her new role as prison drug queenpin. Boyd’s like, “WTF Ava,” but he doesn’t have time dwell, and neither does Ava. She does, after all, have to take care of Judith.

I think Ava’s attempt to negotiate with Judith is legit, that she really is fed up with Rowena manipulating her—even though Penny’s story about her multiple forced abortions resulting from being pimped out by Judith makes her just as distasteful a partner—but Judith isn’t having it. They have a knock-down, drag-out fight from which Ava emerges victorious. She was sent to the state prison on trumped-up charges but now Ava has done something that could very well seal her fate forever. This season is all about consequences—there will definitely be consequences for Ava.

Meanwhile, the Crowes are a disaster. They just cannot do anything right. And poor Kendall, the only truly sympathetic one, is stuck in the middle of his lunatic family. At this point, we should just change his name officially to Poor Kendall. The episode kicks off with him running away after Danny’s dog, Chelsea, gets run over while Poor Kendall is watching him. Because Danny is a nutjob, Poor Kendall takes a powder and goes to Allison. He wants to run away with her, which is sweet and naïve. I can’t help but wonder, though, if Allison sending Poor Kendall back to his dumbass family isn’t going to end up being a tragic mistake.

Then there’s the Heroin Saga. Raylan is in the thick of it, trailing the person who ran over the DEA agent, which is, of course, Dewey Crowe. The Heroin Saga is a complete mess, and everything is falling apart, which is why Wynn Duffy calls in the mysterious Catherine (Mary Steenburgen!!!), who seems to be a consulting criminal. He needs advice choosing who to side with, Boyd or Picker. I can’t see it ending well for Picker, since he’s the only one not featured in the opening credits.

Dewey also seeks counsel, and he goes to the unlikeliest of sources—Dickey Bennett (!!!). Of course he sells Dewey out immediately, but we get a GREAT scene between Raylan and Dickey out of it. Once again, Dickey completely fails to get over on Raylan and every second is delightful to watch. I missed Dickey last season—for all that we talk about Mags Bennett being Raylan’s greatest nemesis, Dickey is his greatest torment. He just can’t shake that last Bennett, and even though Dickey is still in jail…well. Consequences. The Ballad of Raylan and Dickey isn’t over yet.

But not all consequences have to be bad. Boyd makes a decision this episode that might turn up useful down the line. His heroin business is a shambles and Ava dumped him, but he finds the scrawny guard who framed her. The guy is a loser and obviously nuts (he has some weird stalkery fantasy that Ava loves him), and Boyd shows rare mercy by letting him go. Is this Boyd leaving Ava to her fate, or did he just create a convenient debt?

This episode, though, is really about the Crowes melting down and it ends with two shocking Crowe moments. The first is darkly comic and involves Danny. The story of how he came to own Chelsea is truly touching, and damn if it isn’t just like Justified to create real sympathy for a trigger-happy nutjob just before he attempts to take on Raylan only to literally fall on his sword. Seriously—while charging Raylan with a knife in hand, Danny falls into the hole Poor Kendall dug for Chelsea and impales himself. You kind of have to laugh—it’s funny in a macabre way!—but it’s just such a typically Crowe thing to do, the very embodiment of pathetic uselessness. Danny Crowe, done in by his own temper and idiocy.

The second moment, though, is just plain dark. Wendy and Daryl argue about getting the hell out of Harlan before things get worse and it comes to blows. And Daryl beats the sh*t out of her. It’s hard to watch and even worse the scene ends with Daryl boxing Poor Kendall in even further. That kid just doesn’t stand a chance. Of all the consequences being doled out, Poor Kendall is dealing with some he did nothing to earn. Raylan managed to save Loretta, but I’m not sure anyone can save Poor Kendall.

Raylan’s body count so far: 2/19 (2.5 if you count Danny Crowe by way of provocation)

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