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Katie Holmes looked very cheerful yesterday on the set of Mania Days in New York as rumours continue to build that her relationship with co-star Luke Kirby has become romantic. The two have been spending time together off-set, after work. According to the NY Daily News, they went out for dinner last week and were walking together closely afterwards but when she noticed that the paps were around, she quickly jumped in a cab and took off. She also doesn’t use the front entrance of her apartment anymore. This only started a few weeks ago. Prior to that, she had no problem entering and exiting the building from the main doors, even if photographers were waiting outside for her.

Yes, this is rather circumstantial, even for gossip. Still, celebrity true love has started on less. And then there’s the Photo Assumption. They did look great holding hands in wet t-shirts, didn’t they? Click here for a refresher.

If there is indeed something between them though, we should start getting his name right. The paparazzi and media outlets keep referring to him as “Lee” Kirby:

What’s the psychological assessment of someone who goes from dating one of the most famous men in the world to maybe dating a guy people can’t properly identify?

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