Ryan Reynolds & Blake Lively: Globes prom king and queen

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I say this because where they were seated, they were on camera for every wide shot. And of course that would have been deliberate. Because the audience needs to see a couple like Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, blandly goodlooking and guaranteed to not get you in trouble. No other couple last night more embodied the title of prom king and queen. On paper, they’re kind of like Hollywood’s version of Prince William and Kate. And in style too. Blake especially. Blake claims to not use a stylist. And Kate also doesn’t have an official stylist. Both of them are allegedly “fashion icons”. I have a hard time with this. Because Middleton style is pretty much the definition of basic. And Blake? Blake is a hardly.

This dress, Versace, is fine. But it’s not iconic. And that hair? The hair is an embarrassment. I am offended by it. Unless it’s Gloria Guinness coming back from the dead, that hair does not belong at the Golden Globes on Blake Lively in 2017.

Going back to those wide shots though…

It turns out that the money shot of Ryan was not with his wife but with his tablemate Andrew Garfield. It also turns out that Ryan Reynolds has a case of the Justin Timberlakes. During his category, Best Actor in a Comedy, when Ryan Gosling’s name was announced, he and Andrew turned to each other to kiss, thereby making the moment about them, especially on social media, and not about Gosling.

I’m told that this is a nerd thing. Spideypool. Like Spiderman + Deadpool. Like all things good and bad, Spideypool lives online. There’s even a fan video:

So this kiss was a major event for dorks, I guess? Sure. For me it was a major indication that Ryan Reynolds is a spotlight-jacker. At least he is right now, waving his arms back and forth at the Academy. I do enjoy his hustle. Give the man a nomination then.

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