Thursday, April 25, 2019

Dear Gossips,

Madonna released her video for "Medellin" featuring Maluma yesterday live on MTV and also did a 30 minute interview at MTV Studios in London. It felt like a throwback to a time before social media – and that was probably intentional.  Read Full Intro

Don’t Other Guy Keanu again

Sarah Posted by Sarah at April 25, 2019 19:43:37 April 25, 2019 19:43:37
Michael Tran/ Gregg DeGuire/ Presley Ann/ Getty Images

Ali Wong’s rom-com, Always Be My Maybe, is a clear titular riff off Mariah Carey’s “Always Be My Baby” (and it is Mimi-approved), and the trailer is cut with the song, so prepare to have the “do-do-doop” part in your head for the next month. Full Story

Bond 25 actually tried it today

Sarah Posted by Sarah at April 25, 2019 18:41:30 April 25, 2019 18:41:30

Yesterday I got a marketing email that completely baffled me. It was a “media alert!” announcing that this morning there would be a “live launch” of Bond 25, and as I read the email, I legit laughed out loud. They’re trying it? This week? THIS week of ALL weeks? This week and next week are the two busiest pop culture weeks of the year. Full Story

Celebrity Social Media, April 25, 2019

Maria Posted by Maria at April 25, 2019 17:53:59 April 25, 2019 17:53:59

Paul Bettany couldn’t go to the Avenging Avengers of Avengerland because he was working. So he’s stuck on set, bored out of his mind, while his co-stars are doing a red carpet victory lap that actually looks like fun. Everyone talks about FOMO, but this is it.          Full Story

Avengers: Endgame is a surprising, satisfying conclusion

Sarah Posted by Sarah at April 25, 2019 16:19:02 April 25, 2019 16:19:02
Rich Polk/ Alberto E Rodriguez/ Jesse Grant/ Getty Images

(Lainey: I edit almost every post that goes up on this site. I have not read this post. And I’m sad about that because I love reading Sarah’s articles so much. But I’m also trying to go into Avengers: Endgame as clean as possible and while Sarah has assured us that she’s written a UNspoilery review below, and that she’s given ample warning where necessary, she’s signed off on me not editing it because she doesn’t want to be blamed for whatever dramatics I might cook up when and after I see it - because I KNOW I’m going to be dramatic. Full Story

Brie Larson’s night before Endgame

Joanna Posted by Joanna at April 25, 2019 14:43:15 April 25, 2019 14:43:15
Backgrid, Jenny Anderson/ Getty Images

… in Canada. Avengers: Endgame premieres in Canada today, but before we get another look at Carol Danvers and the “things coming out of [her] hands,” Brie Larson took in a performance of To Kill a Mockingbird on Broadway last night. Check out these photos of her backstage with her hair up, in the same double-breasted black suit she rocked on Fallon hours earlier, hugging and cozying up to LaTanya Richardson Jackson who is married to Samuel L. Full Story

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The Battle of Winterfell: three more sleeps

Lainey Posted by Lainey at April 25, 2019 14:12:54 April 25, 2019 14:12:54

I like what’s been happening the last couple of weeks. I like that we have to wait between episodes of Game of Thrones, even though we’ve already waited so f-cking long, like over a year and a half, between seasons. Because it’s probably not going to happen again, a show like this, this experience of all of us together wondering what will happen, all of us anxious over the fates of our favourite and not-so-favourite (I’m looking at you, Jorah) characters. Full Story

Amy Poehler doesn’t answer the biggest question

Sarah Posted by Sarah at April 25, 2019 13:42:48 April 25, 2019 13:42:48
Miller Mobley/ THR

Netflix doesn’t often do big press pushes for their movies—Roma set a standard for awards potential, but outside of that, it’s like Netflix releases one trailer, then bang, the next week the movie is on the platform with little other fanfare. But Amy Poehler’s Wine Country is getting a decent push. Full Story

House Cambridge & House Sussex united

Lainey Posted by Lainey at April 25, 2019 13:17:59 April 25, 2019 13:17:59
Backgrid, Pool/ Hannah Peters/ Samir Hussein/ Phil Walker/ Karwai Tang/ Handout/ Getty Images

Prince William is currently in New Zealand representing the Queen. He attended Anzac Day services and also met with victims of the Christchurch terror attack in March. Over in London, Princess Catherine attended Anzac Day service at Westminster Abbey and was joined by Prince Harry, who was not initially expected, but made a surprise appearance to honour those who have served and sacrificed. Full Story

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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Dear Gossips,

This is what surprised me yesterday: Robyn Crawford has written a book about her time with Whitney Houston. A Song For You: My Life With Whitney Houston is due out in the fall. If you followed Whitney’s life and career, you now who Robyn is – in that you don’t really know that much about Robyn.  Read Full Intro