Celebrity Social Media, June 1, 2023

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Our long national nightmare is over: Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have bought a house. For realsie this time.Rihanna LOL.Leah Remini has kept the Danny Masterson story front-and-center, as much as one person can. She has been a relentless voice of support for the victims who not only had to endure two trials but scary harassment tactics. Scientology was a hot story for a few years but as Tom Cruise shelved his involvement (no doubt he is still a top dog, he just doesn’t talk about it), it’s been written off as “weird” and people move on. In an attention economy, it’s all about the latest true crime sensation or cult story and because people are making jokes about Scientology at awards shows, it doesn’t seem like a scary threat (but to those who leave, it is!). But even if the headlines move on, she hasn’t stopped. Leah’s quest for exposure and accountability is tenacious and I would not be surprised if one day the whole system collapses because of the work she’s done.  ...Full Story