Charles Melton avoids the trap

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Lainey gets full credit for engineering the Charles Melton hype train since 2019. I liked him as Reggie on Riverdale, but was not prepared to go all-in on him, but Lainey is right—that guy is a star, and he’s the best kind, the sweet kind, the humble kind. Or, he reads as humble and sweet in interviews. Like Austin Butler, I’m rooting for the impression to be real, because Charles Melton genuinely seems like one of the good ones, and it’s always more fun when you can enjoy a person’s big break without drama or controversy. It’s fun to be excited about things, and Charles Melton is in a very exciting place.  ...Full Story


Celebrity Social Media, November 27, 2023

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Is Nene Leakes returning to the Real Housewives franchise?

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Sweet and humble Charles Melton makes it easy to root for him

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