What Else?

Posted by Lainey on "\/Date(1680207094063)\/"

You know what I did for the first time ever today? I got a mammogram, and it took a bit of time, which is why I haven’t been super focused today on work. Even though work is the reason I’ve been putting it off, as most of the time these appointments happen in the middle of the day, which is obviously not the smartest choice to be making about your body. So, yes, this is basically a PSA. If you’ve been lax about your breast health, stop that sh-t now and go get your breasts compressed. That, by the way, if you’re not familiar, is what it feels like – basically your tits are getting squished and it’s not the most comfortable thing but for me it wasn’t as bad as how some of my friends made it sound. The worst part was actually having to stay still and holding your breath. Not moving is not my strength.   ...Full Story