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Supposedly Kanye West would like to date an artist next. I’m not about to start making suggestions. But there are some that would say that parts of his marriage was a performance. So if his next relationship is with an artist… what will that even look like? (Dlisted) Sloths are the kind of animals that don’t seem real to me. Every time I see one I’m like… that can’t actually be a thing, it’s someone dressed up as something, right? I felt the same way watching this video. Nature is a f-cking trip. (Pajiba)   ...Full Story

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Dear Gossips, According to my inbox and my social media, there doesn’t seem to be the “Noooooo! Love is over!” reaction to the news that Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are over. Kathleen even texted me to say that “I’m proud of her”, LOL.  A couple of years ago, on an episode of Show Your Work, Duana and I talked about how, even though JLo gets married and engaged a lot, her romances don’t stick to her – not personally or professionally. That’s a skill. Few celebrities can move past headline relationships as easily and breezily as JLo. But that’s so JLo anyway: she loves love, and she will move to the next love. Everyone has a suggestion… although it may be worth considering her love patterns before you make one. With JLo, her love net is wider than the celebrity ecosystem. In fact, looking at her past love journey, there’s a bit of an A-D-AA-D-AA model to her hookups. A-listers are often followed by D-listers. Sometimes A-listers go back-to-back but, as we’ve seen, she’ll mix it up on the civilian side of the menu. After she divorced Ojani Noa is when she was with Diddy. But after Diddy it was Cris Judd. Then Ben Affleck, then Marc Anthony. That was two stars in a row, followed by Casper Smart. And then Drake and ARod. Which means she hasn’t yet gone three in a row with celebrity love. If we’re playing pattern odds, then, her next relationship could be with someone who isn’t famous. Not sure, in a pandemic, how an unfamous person might move into her orbit, but if there’s a hot backup dancer anywhere in her vicinity right now in the Dominican Republic, he might have a chance. Yours in gossip,Lainey