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The Brangelina divorce drags on over issues of assets and custody. In the latest development, Angelina Jolie has been granted permission to sell her shares of their winery, Miraval. But Brad Pitt is unhappy because he once sold Angelina a 10% stake in the company for €1. He did this so that they would have equal 50-50 shares, and now Angelina stands to make millions on the shares she bought for €1. Also, through all this legal wrangling we have learned that the company behind the Miraval label is called “Quimicum”, which sounds like an orca that has come to extract revenge for all the other orcas tortured in captivity for decades, and the Brange have separate LLCs for their shares in Quimicum. Angelina’s is called Nouvel, and Brad’s is, of course, called Mondo Bongo. Forget celebrity baby names, I want to examine all the celebrity LLC names. (Dlisted)  ...Full Story

Today's Intro

Dear Gossips,I am excited to write to you today, my first day as deputy editor here at LaineyGossip. Thank you all for the kind words yesterday, and for reading and gossiping all these years. It really does mean a lot. I started writing for Lainey eleven years ago, and it’s wild to think about how much the gossip landscape changed in the 2010s, and how much more it will change in the 2020s. I look forward to working with Lainey to expand the coverage on the site, to keep evolving with the gossip.  For now, I intend to use my new power to do more highly scientific inquiries into various films, to bring you more long-form pieces, to keep reviewing movies, all of which I hope are good, but some of which will turn out to be bad. And, of course, I definitely hope to see less musicals. Oh yes, there is a Dear Evan Hansen review on the way. And also royals, real and fictional, and filmmaker boy sh-t, and a dramatic Wilson situation to put on your gossip radar. My goal in my new role is that LaineyGossip should feel as it always has, that the standard is maintained, that you, the readers, continue to get that high grade, quality gossip you crave. If I could also foment some kind of rebellion along the way, that would be ideal. But mostly we’re here for the gossip. I have loved being part of the LaineyGossip team, and I hope to be part of it for years to come. To honor Lainey as the founder of this gossip empire and inevitable target of my nefarious schemes, here are site faves Joshua Jackson and Jodie Turner-Smith in Italy, in matching florals. Now that’s how you do a power couple.Live long and gossip,Sarah