Bennifer in different places

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Jennifer Lopez was seen in Italy earlier this week while Ben Affleck was photographed in LA with his kids, adding to the speculation that a divorce announcement is imminent.We’ve been talking about this for a month now – whether or not Bennifer is over. So I’m not sure that her being in Italy makes that more of a certainty. Like, it was already looking bleak. But also, she’s been in Italy every summer, at least once, for years. Last year she was there, and she happened to be on her own, no Ben. You can see those photos and read those posts here and here. My point is that a trip to Italy, where JLo is concerned, at this time of year, isn’t out of the ordinary, nor necessarily indicative of a “broken heart, recovery from breakup” getaway. We already have the indications that we need: the fact that they haven’t been living together, they’re selling their marital property, and they’ve done nothing to dispel the noise. Then again…  ...Full Story