What Else? 

Lainey Posted by Lainey at September 20, 2019 20:41:13 September 20, 2019 20:41:13
Backgrid, The Mega Agency

HEADS UP! Emmys on Sunday! Duana and I will be tweeting through the broadcast, then writing all night to roll out our Emmys coverage after the show. First post will likely go up by 2am ET and we’ll keep at it through the morning on Monday and into the afternoon if we need to. Hope you join us! GO SANDRA OH! Here are some shots of Prince Harry and Royal Meghan arriving at Misha Nonoo and Michael Hess’s wedding tonight in Rome. Full Story

Duana Names: When Names Hurt

Duana Posted by Duana at September 20, 2019 20:28:22 September 20, 2019 20:28:22
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Hi Duana, I apologize in advance if something like this has already been asked... I have a two-year-old boy. One of my best friends who lives in another country far, far away has a three year old daughter. He just welcomed a second child and named him the same name as my son. When he announced his birth to me via messenger, I was like, 'you're kidding right?' I couldn't hide my WTF-ness and anger. Full Story

JLo’s 20th anniversary

Lainey Posted by Lainey at September 20, 2019 19:54:57 September 20, 2019 19:54:57
Miguel Medina/ Jacopo Rule/ Brenda Chase/ Getty Images

Stop what you’re doing…because this just happened in Milan.  It’s the 20th anniversary of that Versace. You know, Jennifer Lopez’s most famous dress. So, no big deal, she closed the show. LIKE THIS:          Full Story

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Outfit of the Week: Ruth Negga

Lainey Posted by Lainey at September 20, 2019 19:10:17 September 20, 2019 19:10:17
Steve Granitz/ Valerie Macon/ Jon Kopaloff/ Getty Images

At this point, it might just be a given that when Ruth Negga is in metallic, the outfit is going to win. She’s also getting closer and closer to becoming one of those rare people removed from Outfit of the Week contention because whenever she shows up, it’s always going to be her. She’s too good. Full Story

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Prince Andrew’s alleged victim speaks on camera

Lainey Posted by Lainey at September 20, 2019 18:53:36 September 20, 2019 18:53:36
Ian Forsyth/ Getty Images

Pity the people who have to be around Prince Andrew this weekend. There might be a lot of stomping and door slamming, if he’s a stomper or a door slammer. Of course he isn’t. He’s been raised well, and royal. And royals don’t stomp their feet or slam doors. Royals also “don’t guest-edit magazines”. Full Story

Celebrity Social Media, September 20, 2019

Maria Posted by Maria at September 20, 2019 17:13:49 September 20, 2019 17:13:49
Amanda Edwards/ Alberto E Rodriguez/ Gregg DeGuire/ Jean Baptiste Lacroix/ Getty Images

Once in a while there’s a “celebrity twins” slideshow which is just celebrities that have the same bone structure, not real twins like the Olsens. But having said that, Courteney Cox and Demi Moore are actual twins. Like what the f-ck.          Full Story

Our B at 37

Lainey Posted by Lainey at September 20, 2019 16:33:35 September 20, 2019 16:33:35
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We celebrated the Queen’s birthday on September 4. I love Beyoncé’s birthday, because her existence is monumental, but also because it’s a worldwide holiday marked by people worldwide. Full Story

A Late Week of Lilly Singh

Prem Posted by Prem at September 20, 2019 15:26:31 September 20, 2019 15:26:31
Edward Opi/ Splash News, Raymond Hall/ NBC/ Getty Images

This week marked the debut for A Little Late with Lilly Singh, the former YouTuber, replacing Last Call with Carson Daly, which occupied the slot since 2002. Lilly’s show is fresh and original. She upholds some of the popular late night traditions, like the monologue, but she puts a specific Lilly spin on them, turning them into moments or sketches. Full Story