44 - 21 = 23

21 - 5 = 16

23 > 16.

That’s the difference in age between Marc Anthony, 44, and his new girlfriend Chloe Green, 21, and his children with Jennifer Lopez, now 5. Chloe is the daughter of Topshop billionaire Sir Philip Green. She and Anthony were at Disneyland on Tuesday with his twins, clearly a couple now. Compared to Steven Tyler though, well, what’s 23 years compared to 45? Click here if you missed the Steven Tyler story.

And how long has this been going on?

The conspiracy theorist in me wonders whether or not this is part of an elaborate plan to get JLO back. Consider: Marc and Chloe double with JLO and Slum Bear. Slum Bear realises Chloe, closer to his age, is mega, mega, MEGA rich. He gold-digs across the aisle. Marc gets his wife back.

It’s preposterous, I know. I prefer that option to the reality.