Holly Lynch, a British Member of Parliament, along with 71 other MPs, has released a letter in support of Meghan Markle calling out the UK tabloids. They share that they too have been treated unfairly by many of the same newspapers and House Sussex is suing but they point out that Meghan has been targeted relentlessly for a certain reason: 

“…we are calling out what can only be described as outdated, colonial undertones to some of these stories.”

That’s a specific choice of words – and the use of COLONIAL here is deliberate: basically these MPs are calling the coverage biased, on the basis of race. That word, colonial, attacks what so many old schoolers over in the England consider to be their national identity: pride in ann empire that was once the most powerful in the world, where people from an island nation went out to those they considered to be less civilised. But this is how over a third of the women in British parliament chose to express themselves, using this particular word to address this particular situation, connecting those members of the British media who have targeted Meghan of House Sussex to the imperial colonisers of the past century. 

Shots. Fired. 

So how is this being covered in the British tabloids? Right now, over at the Daily Mail, the story is hilariously buried blow the cut. 


They’re probably waiting for Piers Morgan to draft a furious response, foaming at the mouth about whatever it is that makes him foam at the mouth. I’m more interested in how the courtiers within the palace will react. We know that there is tension among the households. And even though the royals are ostensibly expected to remain apolitical, a large number of female politicians are clearly trying to send a message, perhaps not only to the media but to the viper courtiers as well. How will this play out?