Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick are currently in Capri shooting the sequel to A Simple Favor. Is it fair to call A Simple Favor a cult favourite? Or is it just generally accepted to be a fun and subversive film that does actually merit a sequel and I’m looking forward to see what they do with the story. 


And we’re getting some hints about that in the pap photos from the set – because Michele Morrone has joined the cast. He’s marrying Blake’s character, Emily, which I guess means he’s probably at the top of the list of murder victims because someone for sure is going to die (click here to see more photos). 


This is the Simple Favor x 365 Days crossover we didn’t see coming, or maybe you did but I didn’t. If you don’t know what 365 Days is it means you had some self respect during COVID. The rest of us watched it on Netflix during the first wave and none of us are proud. I certainly am not, because I didn’t just watch the first movie, I watched both sequels, all of them are trash; these movies are horny and they are horrible and I basically just fast forwarded to the good parts. The good parts are exactly what you think they are. 

And now? Now Michele Morrone has found himself playing Blake Lively’s – and possibly Anna Kendrick’s – love interest in A Simple Favor 2, and this is exactly right. The first movie was camp and ridiculous, by design. Casting Michele Morrone in this role, then, matches that tone, a very positive sign.