AMEX Taste of Platinum with the Squawking Chicken

Lainey Posted by Lainey at October 15, 2014 14:45:21 October 15, 2014 14:45:21

It was my birthday a couple of weeks ago. On my birthday, I am expected to thank my ma, the Squawking Chicken, for giving me life. She doesn’t call me. I call her. She doesn’t gift me. Instead, I’m usually the one gifting her.

Anyway, since she’s handicapped and doesn’t get out much, we decided to take them out for a fancy dinner through the Taste from Platinum program. The Squawking Chicken is always a star. On my birthday, we were under orders to give her the star treatment so it was a good time to tap into the benefits of AMEX that I’ve been posting about all year since becoming an Ambassador for the brand in January.  

I used the Platinum Concierge service to book the dinner. They do everything they can for you even when it comes to non-dining experiences: Find things for you when you travel, suggest events and ideas for memorable nights out, get you on guest list at clubs so you don’t have to wait in line.  And in this case, book dinner for us and my parents at one of the participating top notch restaurants. We chose One at the Hazelton. 

Taste from Platinum features hundreds of the most acclaimed restaurants in Canada, US and abroad.  Plus, when you make a reservation at one of the participating restaurants through the Platinum Concierge, you automatically receive special perks that elevate your dining experience. For instance, we were greeted with complimentary champagne – one of the benefits of having booked through the Platinum Dining Program. The Squawking Chicken’s reaction:

“Wahhhh. Free champagne!”

She was impressed.

She was also impressed with the food. My mother is a very particular eater. She doesn’t like anything tart. She won’t eat tomatoes. Then she had a kidney transplant and claimed that the kidney was changing her palate so she decided to add pasta to her limited palate. We ordered her the seafood linguine. And she actually ate it, with pleasure. Believe me, if there was no pleasure, the entire restaurant would have heard about.

I went with the black cod because if there’s black cod on a menu that’s what I’m having. It was done perfectly, especially since I chased every bite with a forkful of truffle potatoes – that’s black truffle, sweet pickled shallots, olive oil, and parsley. Come on.

And even though we didn’t tell them that it was my birthday that we were celebrating they still brought out dessert with “Happy Birthday” written in chocolate after the dinner, which the Squawking Chicken promptly took over for herself.

One is just one of many restaurants that are part of the Taste from Platinum dining program.  The full list of participating restaurants is available at And if you haven’t seen my other posts and aren’t sure what the Amex Cardmember experience is like, click here, here, and here to read about my other experiences with the card and why you should consider it. Then visit their site or Facebook page to see which card is right for you.

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