It’s been a week since news broke that Olivia Munn and Aaron Rodgers aren’t together anymore. Given the Other ARod’s family history, most people assumed it had to do with the fact that the relationship broke down under the pressure of all that drama. We talked about this on this week’s episode of the Sasha Answers podcast. I know we’re socially encouraged to be all “family first” and buy into the narrative that if the family hates the woman, the woman must be a scheming divisive c-nt. But, as I shared from my own personal experience, sometimes the asshole is the family. And, as many of you have shared in your emails this week, the asshole family is familiar to you too.

When the story involves an all American athlete, the beloved quarterback of the Green Bay Packers and a Hollywood starlet, of course the athlete will get the benefit of the doubt. Which is why the Other ARod’s family kept insinuating that they’d lost their son because he’d been hynotised by the beautiful actress – and so many people believed it. US Weekly leaned into that trope yesterday, reporting that Olivia and Aaron “went through a rough patch last summer”, tried to work it out, but ultimately split because “she’s controlling”.

Well, that’s imaginative. F-cking women. They just need to let men live! 

If Olivia Munn was “controlling”, it’s interesting to know what the Other ARod has been doing now that he’s won back his freedom. Because US Weekly is also reporting that he’s made some “drastic changes” in his life since breaking out of the prison cell that Olivia locked him in.

A insider tells Us Weekly that friends have seen “drastic changes” in the 33-year-old Green Bay Packers quarterback since the football season ended for his team in January. Although Rodgers owns a home in San Diego, he's been spending an increasing amount of time in nearby L.A.

“He’s been getting weekly facials in Beverly Hills and has also hired Ryan Gosling's personal stylist to dress him,” the insider tells Us.

The NFL hunk has also been switching up his fitness routine to work out with Nick Jonas, who primarily trains at the star-studded Unbreakable Performance Center. “He used to work out in Calabasas with his teammates during the offseason, but this offseason he’s chosen to work out primarily with Nick Jonas in West Hollywood,” the pal added.

Along with Jonas, the Pro Bowler has been hanging with actor pals Ryan Rottman and Eddie Mills, instead of his usual football crew. “One teammate said, ‘The only time we’ve seen Aaron this offseason is on TMZ leaving Catch,’” the source tells Us of cameras catching Rodgers at the L.A. hot spot.

To recap: Aaron Rodgers’s family says that Olivia Munn was a bad influence, that she made him give up his downhome family values, and supposedly she was so “controlling” that he abandoned his family at her request. So…now that they’ve broken up, now that Olivia’s no longer “controlling” him, that must mean he’s back to normal, right? Spending time with family, avoiding the spotlight, de-Hollywooding himself?

No, actually, he prefers to be in LA instead of San Diego, doesn’t work out with his teammates but trains with actors instead, hangs out at “Hollywood hotspots”, and is getting facials and has hired a stylist.

Ummmm…are we sure Olivia was the problem? Because it sounds to me like Aaron Rodgers didn’t need much convincing to “go Hollywood”. It sounds like Aaron Rodgers wanted to “go Hollywood” all along. And it sounds like he desperately wants to “stay Hollywood”, now that he and Olivia are done. What if we were all so busy accusing Olivia Munn of being a famewhore we totally missed the fact that Aaron Rodgers is an even bigger one? How long before Aaron Rodgers becomes best friends with Scott Eastwood?