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TIFF Review: Molly’s Game

Sarah Posted by Sarah at September 11, 2017 15:33:18 September 11, 2017 15:33:18
Phillip Faraone/ J. Countess/ GP Images/ George Pimentel/ Walter McBride/ Getty Images

Molly’s Game is Aaron Sorkin’s directorial debut, but it’s Jessica Chastain’s movie from start to finish. Written by Sorkin, adapted from Molly Bloom’s memoir as the mastermind of the world’s most exclusive poker game, unsurprisingly Molly’s Game is mostly a series of flashy monologues characters spit at each other like they’re in a particularly classy rap battle. Full Story

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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Dear Gossips,

I am currently making my way through Gilmore Girls. (Currently on the second to last episode of Season 2.) Although she would dispute this characterisation, Duana has taken it upon herself to be my viewing coach. Like, the other night she wouldn’t let me read this Vox article  Read Full Intro

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Dear Gossips,

Just before 10:30pm last night, while we were texting back and forth during Bill Clinton’s speech at the DNC, Duana messaged me a link, prefaced with “I’m sending you something you’re going to hate me for”.  Read Full Intro

Aaron Sorkin: Golden Globes Rage

Lainey Posted by Lainey at January 11, 2016 08:23:42 January 11, 2016 08:23:42
Mark Davis/ Steve Granitz/ Handout/ Getty Images

God, Aaron Sorkin, I thought you were done making me furious. I say this as someone who, okay, has not yet seen Steve Jobs. From what I understand, I’m not the only one. But I bring this up not to be snarky, but because I don’t know if there’s a reason you mentioned your daughter in the context of your win. Full Story

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Michael Fassbender in Steve Jobs

Joanna Posted by Joanna at October 5, 2015 15:21:54 October 5, 2015 15:21:54
Wenn, Grant Lamos IV/ Getty Images, Luis Yllanes/ Splash News

If Michael Fassbender wins an Oscar for playing Steve Jobs in the film of the same name, he has Ashton Kutcher to thank for it. That’s a joke, of course, but it’s one that Fassbender already made himself at the NYFF Steve Jobs press conference on Saturday. He’s referencing the Kutcher-led Jobs, which was released two years ago Full Story

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Lucille Ball is getting Sorkinized

Sarah Posted by Sarah at September 3, 2015 16:22:38 September 3, 2015 16:22:38

Yesterday it was announced that Cate Blanchett will star as Lucille Ball in a biopic being written by Aaron Sorkin, which is a confusing sentence. On the one hand, I can easily see The Incomparable Cate as Ball, but on the other…Aaron Sorkin? At first it doesn’t make any sense, but I came around to it the more I thought about it. Full Story

Aaron Sorkin on the gender “degree of difficulty”

Lainey Posted by Lainey at December 16, 2014 16:12:18 December 16, 2014 16:12:18

The alarm went off this morning. I dropped my eyes. I picked up my phone. There was a text from Duana: “Can we just have a weekly column called f-ck off Aaron Sorkin?!?” Then I opened my browser. And there it was. Aaron Sorkin’s latest f-ck off moment, this time comparing male and female award-winning roles and declaring that it’s a higher “degree of difficulty” for the men. Full Story

Aaron Sorkin vs a writer on Twitter

Duana Posted by Duana at December 9, 2014 15:58:33 December 9, 2014 15:58:33
FameFlynet, Jason Merritt/ Jeffrey Mayer/ Lester Cohen/ Getty Images

We were almost done. We were almost through the final, short, exhausting-to-discuss season of The Newsroom. But good things never last and thus we have one final Aaron Sorkin blurting in the press to discuss. So the whole thing is hereFull Story

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Bale quits Jobs

Sarah Posted by Sarah at November 4, 2014 19:29:33 November 4, 2014 19:29:33

Christian Bale has cut ties with the Steve Jobs biopic written by Aaron Sorkin and being directed by Danny Boyle—I refuse to make any Bale/bails puns. This is the same project that potentially has Seth Rogen in to play Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak (a really nice piece of casting, if it comes through), and that Leonardo DiCaprio is rumored to have passed on in favor of The Revenant. Full Story