Everyone was fist pumping yesterday after this picture of Adele was posted suggesting she may have been admonishing Chris Brown at the Grammys for not standing up for Frank Ocean. That’s why it’s called Photo Assumption: it’s an assumption that is baseless, because the image can’t tell you the context.

Adele ended up posing side by side with Brown too, though that photo was not widely circulated as, unfortunately, it did not fit the narrative.

Well, here’s another reason to hate that piece of sh-t. F-ck you Chris Brown for making us sh-t on Adele. Because now we have to sh-t on Adele.

We shat on Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber for publicly endorsing his music.

Shouldn’t we do the same here?

Adele clarified the situation on Twitter:

Chris Brown and I were complimenting each other in that photo actually!

I get it that she didn’t want to perpetuate an inaccuracy. But something along the lines of “I wasn’t yelling at Chris Brown” would have sufficed, non?

To go out of her way to specify that she was complimentary of him...

We have to add her to the list of celebrities who continue to not only not take a stand against him but actually support him.

You could argue that Swift and Bieber do stupid sh-t all the time, so they deserve more sh-t because they’re influencing their followers by endorsing Brown. But that’s just it -- we didn’t expect those two to know any better. Their endorsement of him only proves the point.

We thought more of Adele, didn’t we? This, then, was disappointing. And, perhaps worse, this then leads to more questions that have even more alarming ramifications: if Adele, like Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber openly approves of Chris Brown, how else is she like Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber?