Producers of the Grammys confirmed last night that the problems with Adele’s audio were on their end. Apparently a mic got dropped when they were positioning the piano and when they tried to go to a backup feed, there was a sound delay. So, no, it’s not on her. But, really, it was on her. Because she’s the one who had to sing through it. Which is why she didn’t sound her best, not at all. And she knew it too. She looked crushed. She looked, at times, like she wanted to cry. I’m not a hugger, but even I would have given her one of my sh-tty hugs in that moment.

Adele being Adele though, at the very end, she still had the heart to shout out Kendrick Lamar. And, later on, after it passed – it always does – she tweeted about the situation:

You know what? If it had to happen, better this year than next year, when 25 will be eligible for nominations, and considered a favourite to win.

She looks sooooo good in this black dress, doesn’t she? Even better on TV, when you could see it moving. SO good.