A couple of weeks ago, US Weekly reported that Alicia Vikander and Michael Fassbender broke up. I wrote about how I wasn’t sure about how legit that was at the time – click here for a refresher. Alicia showed up at the Steve Jobs premiere on Saturday. She’s not in Steve Jobs. So she was there to support her boyfriend, even though there were no photos of them together, at least not that I’ve seen yet. The point is they were making a point. And the point is that they haven’t split.

I believe this. Because, as previously noted, I’m not sure how splitting or not splitting amounts to much of a professional strategy here. She’s the new “one to watch”, independent of her relationship, and he has enough studio support and iSupport behind him to get to the Oscars without anyone giving a sh-t about his romantic status. In fact, the only factor in whether or not he receives a nomination is all on him. You’ll recall, Michael became pretty jaded and pouty after the whole Shame campaign did not result in being invited to the Best Actor party that year. He’s more Joaquin Phoenix now than Matthew McConaughey where awards are concerned.