Is it time to stop expecting Alicia Vikander to be one to style-watch? I just can’t remember the last time I was interested. This cap sleeve dress with the neckpiece is fine. It’s fine. You could even argue that as a returning Oscar winner and presenter, it was intended to be just fine. But her Oscar-winning dress didn’t exactly light us on fire either. And then she changed for the Vanity Fair party where, technically, you can have a little more fun and that was…fine too.

I would rather Dakota Johnson’s “puritan” dress than “fine”. I would rather see Alicia Vikander give me something less safe. Less “sweet”. Everything she wears is for the “sweet” girl, even up to her hair. Like this hairstyle is so sweet I’m actually offended by it. Is it a side part or not? Are you pulling it all the way back or not? Why does there have to be a sort of part and a swirl to the side into a nothing-burger bun?

Can we please take her out of the category of “fashion darling” now? Membership requires participation.