“It came true.”

Word spoken by another Best Supporting Actress a couple of years ago. But in Annie Hathaway’s case, it took a LOT longer. For Alicia Vikander? Seems like it was just 12 months, when she told W Magazine that she’d have three films in contention at the Oscars. Remember that? Dude, she f-cking won last night – how does that happen?!?


Did you know that she still doesn’t have a US publicist?

Anyway, this was not a surprise. It happened early in the night and besides, the Academy was planning a much bigger upset later on in the Supporting Actor category. So Alicia’s name is called and there’s a kiss. A kiss for and from Michael Fassbender.

These two have been so f-cking precious about their situation, it was almost a relief. They held hands at the Governor’s Ball. A couple of sources have told me he was in a great mood all night, super pumped for her.

Let’s talk about her dress now. Some people loved it. I did at first. This colour, it was so fresh, so fun. And I love the pillowy parachutey billows. But by the time she got to my end of the carpet, it did look a little deflated. And I don’t think I would have minded so much but for the hair. Specifically the positioning of the half-knot.

I’m all about a half-knot. But it can’t be well back below the crown. If anything, a half-knot needs to be much more upfront. Way upfront, because at least then you get the volume. Doing it the way Alicia’s doing it here is kind of a cop-out. And I think that’s why this look is a letdown.