The return of CJ Cregg

Lainey Posted by Lainey at April 29, 2016 19:50:46 April 29, 2016 19:50:46

I said the Queen’s video was the best thing you’d watch all day but we have a challenger. I guess though this only applies if you were a fan of The West Wing. If you were not a fan of The West Wing


CJ Cregg returned to her rightful place at the White House today to brief the press about the President. It was like… it was like she never left. I mean, seriously. Seriously it was like Allison Janney didn’t even have to work to remember who that person was.

Allison was there to raise awareness about the administration’s efforts to address the prescription drug abuse epidemic in support of those in recovery and the programs and individuals working to assist those in treatment. 


Also…hunting season is over.

Alex Wong/ Getty Images

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