Johnny Depp’s fiancée is currently shooting a movie in New York with James Franco, The Adderall Diaries. The story is about HIS character, obviously. They look like they get on well.

Magazines keep putting her on the cover. With nothing to promote…except the fact that Johnny Depp asked her to marry him. And she keeps telling those magazines that she’s always been someone that people talk about, because of her “salacious” love life. Salacious? Wrong word.






No. Boring.

Because nobody gave a sh-t about her love life – or any aspect of her life – until she started hooking up with one of the biggest movie stars in the world. But by all means, go ahead and rewrite your history. Celebrities do it all the time.

The question is whether or not she’ll want to rewrite it a second or a third time in 5, maybe, 10 years. Or even now. What happens when a young woman tires of a man who can’t keep his youth, no matter how many scarves he ties around his neck? What happens when that same young woman works with An Artist and sees another way up to the next level in the industry that doesn’t require having to hang out with a wannabe Keith Richards?

I’m sure Johnny Depp doesn’t have these insecurities.